The beauty and aesthetic value of interior tropical plants is immediately evident. Lush and vibrant plants, promoting a healthy and productive environment, can play a significant part in projecting your company’s image. Enhancing a workplace by adding the finishing touch to an overall design or to stand-alone as a focal point, plants lend an aura that welcomes clients and are a significant part of the corporate signature instilling a sense of quality in the atmosphere.

But working behind the scenes are the health benefits derived from having plants in the workplace. Research results are all positive; plants do promote health in the workplace! Modern, energy-efficient buildings may save on energy costs, but the lack of air circulation allows the build-up of potentially harmful gases, from sources such as carpeting, cleaning agents and office equipment. Plants help by reducing levels of carbon dioxide, increasing relative humidity and reducing airborne dust and off gassing levels.

Various NASA (National Aeronautics Space Administration) studies have shown that certain plants actually clean the air we breathe, and can fight against the common “Sick Building Disease”.