Tropical Plant Concepts, Inc. is committed to providing and maintaining safe and healthy working conditions for all our employees. We will provide appropriate tools and equipment and ensure that our operational processes promote safe systems of work covering all our activities.

2. The management accepts the responsibility for applying the above and, on an ongoing basis, will provide information, instruction and training to achieve this purpose.

3. Tropical Plant Concepts, Inc. recognizes that customers, visitors, neighbors, contractors and other people may be affected by our activities and our management accepts the responsibility for providing appropriate levels of safety for them.

4. The company will provide suitable faci I iti es and/or make necessary arrangements to ensure the welfare of all our employees whilst at work.

5. Where risks to safety or health need to be assessed under a specific duty or regulation, Tropical Plant Concepts, Inc. will ensure than an “assessment” is carried out and that all actions shown to be necessary will be implemented.

6. Should any of our activities endanger the health of any employee, such activities will be monitored and, where necessary, we will make arrangements for health surveillance.

7. Tropical Plant Concepts, Inc. will provide suitable information regarding the safety of and safe use of our services and/or products.

8. Tropical Plant Concepts, Inc. will at ail times consider the environmental impacts of running our business. We will manage our activities to minimize, wherever practicable, their effect on the environment.

9. The company plans to minimize the risks created by work activities, products and services. We will organize ourselves in away that secures involvement and participation at all levels and measure performance against our pre-determined standards.

10. Tropical Plant Concepts, Inc. is committed to providing and promoting a positive health and safety culture throughout all areas of activities.

11. The company is committed to an annual review of all general policies and procedures, including our general Health and Safety and Environmental policies.